Saturday, September 7, 2019

Paper Flower Centers Making Tutorial | DIY Fluffy Paper Flowers

Today I am sharing a paper flower tutorial on Giant Fluffy Centre for Large Paper Flowers. It's a very easy and simple fluffy paper flowers instruction. I have shown How To Make Fluffy Paper Flowers easy and perfectly.


My all Paper Flowers making Tutorial:

- 2 Pieces 30cm x 7cm Paper
- 1 Pieces 13cm x 12cm Paper
- 1 Pieces 11cm x 12cm Paper
- 1 Pieces 30cm x 1cm Foam Paper

- Glue
- Scissor
- Cutter
- Paper Cutting Board
- Pencil and
- Ruler
If you any queries or suggestion about the video instruction then write a comment for this. I will replay with best solution. If you like the video please like and share the video for inspiration...

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